Any Dominate Men?

I am looking for a dominate man that can live up to what I need, I have been a switch up until recently and I think that it is time for me to get this dominate side out of me. I think it would be good for me in fact. I am looking for someone who is permanant, patient, this isn't about only sex for me it is about my entire life. I am hoping I came to the right place
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Thanks for sharing this interests me. I like being called Sir

Good luck. I have found a number of women confuse dominance with men that are type "A" or that are angry men. A true dominate man does not need to yell or be abusive to show his dominance. You should feel his presence when he looks you in the eyes, holds you or even kisses you. He does not ask...he tells.

A true dominant man does what he wants and doesn't get this crap dictated to him by men who are mere roleplayers pretending to have some mystical aura about them and require the permission of women to pretend dominance but can't pass muster in the face of true defiance.

When I give a 'look' it is heeded instanter because my property knows what comes next if it isn't, the only mystical aura I need are the throbbing heatwaves rising off my slaves beet red derrieres.

Oh, and spanking/slapping/grounding/burning clothes, ect. is not abuse, it is tangible proof that I care enough to refine those which I love and enforce a peaceful orderly house.

would love to chat and have some fun if you are up for it