Why I Am Looking For Someone To Tickle My Feet



I have a super fascination for the human foot, and realize that they are very sensitive to the touch, and would love to have mine tickled, and to kiss, and tongue tickle my wife’s pretty feet, but she thinks the idea is totally and completely kinky and won’t even discuss the matter.  In Japan, the people there have known for centuries that the feet are one of the most sensitive and sensual erogenous zones on the human body, and when preparing to have blissful sex  they commonly bath each other dry one another off and then begin the mating ritual by taking turns very gently tongue tickling their partner starting with the ear lobes, then slowly working down to the nipples, then around and including the belly button, now down to the “inner thies, we are quite sensitive here” and work their way down to the feet, the toes, the soles, and the ankles, yes we’re ticklish here the first time, but it is an acquired sensation, and now up to behind the knees, and then up to the butt, and yes the clean “anis, Oh wow very, very sensual here”, and then to the sexual organs a little, or much depending on the individual taste tongue play here before engaging in coital sex.  Now understand that at the right time in their life, the daughters are instructed by the mother, and the son’s by the father on the proper way to find their partners erogenous zones and how to prepare their spouse for hot proper and the very enjoyable sexual experience.   Sadly in the US parents won’t broach the subject like it’s taboo, and our kids jump into bed and just “pardon my English” ****, yes we in the US are far behind in this area of education.  Ok, now to the hard part, I am going to feel terribly guilty, and I hate to do it, but I guess I’m just going to have to look outside my home and find someone to share my natural and deep love for pretty, clean feet and hot sex with, and since I now realize that I am Bisexual, that person could be either a guy or girl, as long as they had nicely trimmed toe nails and kept their feet clean…

loveticklingfeet loveticklingfeet
41-45, M
Mar 13, 2010