Need A Writing Partner

I have two speeds: slug and nine thousand miles an hour. I write any topic that comes to me for the challenge of it. A compatible partner that can joke with me while understanding the writing world and nudging me to constant action would be great. I would do the same for you. Hopefully we would provide what the other lacks.

TV and movie scripts are my first loves. Sci-fi, medical non-fiction, horror, thriller ,mystery, and quirky are my secret loves.
I'd love to try a How-to, romance, or western or non-fiction about families dealing with mental illness.

Anyway...say hi
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2011

Im looking for a writing partner to create a very intense sci-fi novel to fit the video game/movie industry! let me know..thnx

I've only gone so far as blogging. But if you are interested to see what we can do together, please hit me.