I recently graduated from a CG Arts and Animation degree which has made me yearn to flex my creative muscles. However, this time I want to do something I believe in... Something that inspires me.

I want someone to write with to get me involved in a storyline... I'd be particularly interested in working on a super hero story

I'm not against hearing others ideas... More then anything I want someone to bounce my ideas from and have them reciprocate I just want the next project I pour my heart into to really matter... Not necessarily to everyone... But to me.
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This message is several months old, so I'm wondering what your current status is. Thanks.

Haven't lost the dream, started writing something but my former writing partner was unreliable... Didn't come online much to discuss the project... I'm still up for doing it though

Let's discuss this more directly. Send email to me at planxan2 AT aol.com (swap the "AT" for the at sign)

I sent a reply to that email address :)

I would love to write with you. I have been trying to find someone to write with. Someone who is willing to work with me on my ideas but also someone who can come up with their own. I would love to do a super hero story. Message me if you would like.

Super-hero story, sigh, you and every other recent graduate.

Best wishes.