"I enjoy creating a peaceful, beautiful home environment, and find pleasure and contentment in simple things in life. By sharing my beliefs through teaching, participation, and example I have great self-confidence, a sense of peace and a good sense of humor. Oh, I also love to talk! I accept people for who they are and would like to be treated the same. This masterpiece (me) took 66 years to create! I promise I won’t try and change you if you won't try and change me! Once I tell men that I am an ordained minister, they take off like I have the plague. I would like to say that God created me first a female with all that goes along with it. I believe that every man is responsible for his own soul. So have no fear I am not going to try to change any one that has to be your own choice how you want to spend eternity. Just accept me for me, and I will accept you as you are, so that we can love and respect each other. In the event of a disagreement it is important to me to have someone who will agree to disagree and continue to love each other the same.
I am cheerful with a very positive attitude, I know who and like who I am.
Sistercha Sistercha
61-65, F
2 Responses May 31, 2015

Good for you. However I read your account about your experience with on line dating. I guess you have realised the dangers of the anonymous internet! You can never be too careful regarding your emotions, money or anything else which is sensitive, like personal information. You may have read about the recent hacking of the Ashley Madison website and as to how a lot of sensitive personal and financial information of thousands of people was compromised. What you and I probabably do not know is the pain and suffering this may have caused so many cheated on spouses and which may have led to the break up of otherwise established marriages all because people were careless with their information on the internet. Ad an ordained minister you hold a very responsible position and you have to exercise this responsibility with great care and judicious decision making.
Best wishes for your ministry although I, myself, am not a religious person(spiritual but not religious).

I have been reading the stories about online dating all night, I too had an awful experience to happen to me about a month ago . I received a call about 3 : am from a woman waenting to know what my phone number was doing in her husband phone . I sincerely apologised to the young lady, asked her if she had access to a computer with an email address. When she gave it to me , I copied ,cut and pasted his profile and all our correspondence ,and emailed to her . I felt sorry for her because she was working nights at a hospital and pregnant.. She told me that he didn't have a job plus they had 5 children. I said a prayer
with her, erased his number and promised to never to talk to either of them again. That taught me a lesson, stay away from online dating. Also he had in his profile that he was an ordained preacher. BEWEARE !!!!!!!!