My Unhappy Love

11 years I was with someone whom I love so much, hopping that one day he would say: "will you marry me, I want you to be my wife.."
Today I understood that it will never happened. He just would like to be with me, but never marry me. He was married twice and was divorced twice. My husband died 17 years ago, he was my first love and I have two sons from that marriage. I live in Ghana with them for 13 years and all this time I was hope that my new husband will take me and my sons to  live for better life and civilization. My husband was a Ghanaian, I am Russian. I was depending financially from my partner for all these years living in Ghana, I also was working here but my salary was not inaff to cover all my expenses for my children and accommodation. Now I lost job and he told me that he can not carry this heavy load on his shoulders anymore, he sad I have to find a job (what job here for me I am 51 and it is not that easy). My sons 25 and 29 are not working because they do not have any educations. I understand he does not love me anymore, I know, though he still helping me to pay my rent. I want to find a husband who will really love me and be able to help my sons.

louisafr2001 louisafr2001
3 Responses Aug 8, 2010

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Now you are old 51, it gonna be real hard to find a husband, your sons are meant to take care of you now , not you taking care of them, so tell them to go out there to look for job, they'll find one i believe.. so dont hope for a husband. But you can have a man friend.