I Need Someone To Cherish And To Hold For The Rest Of My Life,,

everybody needs somebody, all of us are looking for that special someone to fill the emptiness withi us, so i joined this website to air my side , my feelings and to look for that soul mate of mine that i haven't found yet after all these years, i wan ta complete well rounded family, full of values in life, disciplined children , and a husband with a clear goal in life, responsible enough and most of all faithful one to love his wife forever,only her or for that matter, only me, and i will give the same faithfulness in return,,,,
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you can email me at spsmithpoll15@gmail.com my skype is smithpoll15 you can add me and lets know each others

I am looking for a good woman in the USA for real love. lets talk : )

Dear One,
how are you doing? I wish you happy new year with all the blessing.
Are you really want to be loved? if yes, then I need to hear from you today
as for me, I am ready to welcome you to my life.
if you wish you call me.
00228 9960 35 87.

I feel the same for you, where are you from my dear.. Hope you are close to CT, coz I will come and kiss you right now.. looking to Marry you and make you feel blessed rest of my life! Shaan