Well, Not Looking...more Like Waiting...

I need to be married for a variety of reasons.  1) I'm supposed to have a husband.  I believe this.  2) I need someone to guide me...balance with me...compliment my personality.  3) I don't want to be alone for the rest of my life.  4) The obvious. 

Apelover46 Apelover46
46-50, F
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Hey lets talk. : )

hello my email is spsmithpoll15 or skype is smithpoll15 please add me and lets introducing each other. Take care

please contact me by www.facebook.com/aghasamiei thank you very much

I am looking for a good woman in the USA for real love. lets talk : )

Do you have children, are you on Facebook?? I have recently split with my fiancé and have had time to reflect in order to go forward... I am 37, no children but want children, I now live in Australia but happy to travel around the world to meet a life partner!

Yes. I had been married before. Now divorced for several years. I have had 3 children all together. very long story. Your just around the right age range for me. I think we should talk more on email so we can get to know one another. feel free to write me.
bluedragon2112 a t y a h o o . c o m fix the at to the at symbol and take out the spaces. : ) Would be very nice to have a life partner that's what I want well and best friend/lover all in one of course... : )

my honey,
Happy new year with all the blessing.
I ready to welcome you to my life.
are you really want to be loved?
honey, believe me, I well make you the bringht woman of the world.
I love you.
Please can l meet you in skype? my cell.00228 9960 35 87.
thank you.

Hello Apelover46

Who says you're "supposed" to have a husband? Or do you mean that it's a part of why you came to this earth? If the latter, then I understand - that's your choice. But don't listen to anyone else who tells you you're "supposed" to!

OK, I understand that you feel in need of support and that you don't want to be alone. You don't necessarily need a husband for that, although I know how you feel. There are ways for a lady your age to find and attract the right sort of man (I've written a book on it, although I won't bore you with that here!).

Now, as for the obvious, you most certainly don't need a husband for that! I appreciate that you maybe just don't want any guy in trousers, and that maybe you have a certain standard of morals, but in this day and age it's really accepted as OK to do what you want, when you want and with whom you want (as long as you are NOT in a long-term relationship, of course) - it really is OK! Promise!

So go for it girl! Let your hair down a bit and just enjoy it for what it is. Then one day soon you may just find that your ideal man was only around the corner - it was just that you couldn't see him.

Let me know how you get on.

Paulward86 (No - I'm not QUITE that old!).

this is unbelievable, wow what a a world.

Looking for middle aged woman to marry can be possible if you are caring. So I need one. I am

I feel you 100% my reasons exactly!