Why I Need a Husband

I want to really find a God fearing caring husband I need a good husband someone to care for someone to cook for a guy of my own who will give me full attention.I want to have kids so I need a husband to start a family but my problem is I do not seem to fine any man who likes me maybe because I am too ugly and fat it is frustrating sometime to see when all the woman of my age are already having children and seem to enjoy family life.

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Dear my case is more or less as your own, but read this about me and see if is what you want in a man, we could make a beautiful couple. I'm a young man @ 32yrs old from Akwa Ibom state, i need God fearing never married before single lady based abroad or naija for marriage. Though i fancy complexion and naturally fairness is my favorite and not cream thingz, still if you are brighter natural chocolate is ok. Also I'm not tall therefor i will love to settle whit her who is a bit taller than me so we can bear nice children. Tribe doesn't matter as long as she wears a good character and must be a christian. Education: I was not opportune like you who have completed their tertiary education, i stopped along the line due to lack of sponsor, however i'm seriously looking forward to further as in my plans. I'm supper skilful, well grounded in computer engineering, networking and general instrumentation and control. Current I'm an expert in installations/fleet management for GPS vehicle tracking, both for organizations and private vehicles owners. Personal life character: Definitely I'm the type of man any woman who can undermined height & tribe would ever love to be with because I'm really funny and i you happiness at all time as i will make you laugh always. Also i gat the vibe & swag for making a woman the feel the real woman; of course you know what I'm talking about. I treat every woman with courtesy, show absolute care even with the little that is available. And always I'm there for her anytime. If you are that lady you can send me an

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No one is god fearing what is that all about anyhow?
To fear god is messed up.

Fb varoujan k. Aprahamian

hello my email is spsmithpoll15 or skype is smithpoll15 please add me and lets introducing each other. Take care

Whats god fearing got to do with being a good person? I am a good person looking for a good woman But I don't fear god.

It means she wants somebody of the Christian faith.

I am looking for a good natured sweet heart of a gal to love and be loved by, Interested?
: )

I 'm 30 years old engineer ,already married and looking for a second wife ., if you have any questions of comment write me .


Hi, Is like you know my problem, I am posting this mail i am in searching for God fearing, care and loving wife, who is ready to settle down immediately with me.<br />
Your response will be appreciated.

seriously i am looking for husband. i am 4th year medical student , a kenyan woman and i believe they is always everybody for everyone!

Am looking for a wife too, am 32 and kenyan

hi am khaled from dubai and looking for wife

I feel the same way like you i want find a husband have kids etc <br />
<br />
xxx<br />

Do you live In America.