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I am looking for a husband. I am still looking. I am 35 and wondering what happened. I had boyfriends up to my 30th birthday and then after that nothing. No interest nothing. So now I am wondering if I will ever find anyone.



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if u are serious in wedding so i am serious we can do it in one month

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Hi, Lets talk.

hello my email is spsmithpoll15 or skype is smithpoll15 please add me and lets introducing each other. Take care

So I Am Still Looking For That Special Woman For Lifelong Loving Relationship.

By: Me

Written on March 17th, 2013

Be at least 21 plus years old.
Kind hearted, easy going loving.
I want a best friend/Lover for life.
Write if you were born female and want a man to get to keep. ; )

you will find someone i know you probably have heard that a thousand times before but you just have to be patient and the time will come hopefully its sooner rather than later - i mean we only got one life to live right - so why not do the things you enjoy doing and someone will come into your life at an unexpected time

please contact me by thank you very much

im interested in know more about u hope u email me

I am looking for a good natured sweet heart of a gal to love and be loved by, Interested?
: )

lets talk.

u there?

I am looking for husband, I am 39 yo never married, no kids, so far was busy to achieve my personal goals but now I am looking.

where u live?? what do do??

Lets talk.

Hi lets talk. Private Message me.

I am looking for a foreign husband. I am 35 years old single mom...and i wish i can find a responsible & loving husband.

i will marry u.<br />
u can contact my no: +23408065883480

That's in another country. :(.

Most likely. I wish you the best of luck. :]

Thanks : )