I'm Always Looking For Hap...

I'm always looking for happy people to incorporate into my life.  They make me forget what a dark soul I am. 
theophania theophania
22-25, F
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Interesting... <br />
What is it that makes you so dark?

I can understand when ya can get dark inside. So whats should we do? Find anything that cheers us up. Even if its just throwing a pickle at someone.

le7, are those numbers anything like : 68Iou1??!! ;P

I just joined and I love to laugh and make humor. I am le7m2d6, but that isn't my real name. Actually I was born K68g4d8v, but I never liked that name as it was my mother's maiden name. Her father T62c K68g4d8v was from the famous f94x2 family of l8s2b5 and son. But you can just call me pu2 for short.