Monday is pick-up time for the garbage, in my neighborhood, and I had to place it in my driveway because there was snow in the regular spot.

I felt like going out and getting some smoke and drink the previous Sunday night, so I hopped in my 4x4 Red Ranger and backed-up.

My car seemed to have been gotten stuck, in what felt like ice so I put it in four-wheel drive and proceeded to go to my local 7-11.

When I got home, I was outraged that my garbage cans were in the street and my garbage was missing.  I was going to go and wake up my wife at 3am, because I was pissed that some identity theives might've stolen my garbage and tossed the cans in the street.

Well, it turned out that I wasn't stuck in ice, and as it so happened, it was the cans that I had rolled over.

I must've dragged the garbage all the way to the 7-11, and that Hindu guy probably wondered why I dumped my garbage by his store.

It's a good thing, that he didn't take my plate number. 

The 7-11 was right across the street, from the Police Department, and I was stoned when I left the garbage there inadvertantly.

Instead of being pissed at the identity thieves, I got upset with myself for being temporarily insane.


Proud2bavet Proud2bavet
56-60, M
Jan 24, 2007