I Found Her But She's Human

I found my mate and I love her but she's human!! I mean I love her with all my heart and would do anything for her... Is it alright she human comment and tell me
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Yep why not

Yes that's just lovely I have actually herd of some stories where their are mates as humans you just have to watch them a bit more

(-_-) im just curious.. whats wrong on having a human mate?<br />
BTW . dude she is destined for you so don't freak out if shes a human

Its ok if she's human.

I'm human so I don't know much about y'all werewolf :) but if you love her i think it's ok but you meant want to tell her your a werewolf or ask your pack for help
Sorry I wasn't much help but follow your heart and Good luck with your mate :)

wow..you guys do think that you're a werewolf??wow...

I don't think I know.

Thanks guys:)

Alright cool what if she's older then me she's 16 and I'm 14

It's still fine.


yea dude it doesn't matter, as long as you love her and she loves you back thats all that matters :)

yea man it doesnt matter the age

I would assume it doesn't matter. My mate is human. So long as you love her is all that matters. :3

Thanks guys