I know this is probably none of my business, but I've been curious about this. Why do wolves look for mates online?
DarkCelestriaRose DarkCelestriaRose
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

It's very difficult to find other wolves in person. The population only continues to rise, making them more difficult to come by. Here, you can immediately find others you can relate to.

Ah I see. Makes a little more sense to me now

But I do see your point, because most "wolf mates" on here are totally full of ****. lol. Just pretenders who don't know what it truly means to have a mate.

Yeah. Idk, I found my mate the good old fashion way. The one thing I truly can't understand is the 12 year olds looking for mates

I KNOW RIGHT? Lol, I cannot take that type of person seriously. They don't even know what a pretend relationship is, let alone a real, deep, powerful one.

Yeah. I mean, when I was in 6th grade, I was more concerned about my minimal math homework. I didn't know what a relationship like this was like, I couldn't imagine it. I didn't even look for my mate, we found each other and the bond formed over 5 years. We didn't even know the other was a wolf until we started going out

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