Im 17.
5'10. I'll post sum pictures later. I'm looking for a mate, girl, who I can love and protect and cherish. I jus got on her but I've Been lookin for a while. If your interestd message me
AlexGauge AlexGauge
18-21, M
7 Responses Dec 4, 2012

I'm looking for a mate I'm 15

I wish I could be ur mate but unfortunately I'm 13

I'm 16 and looking for a male mate... My name is venom
I'm fun to be around and I'm loving

Im 17 & human wuld love to learn more about u but im a handful. Im female too so no worries! :)

im 16 and need a mate

Hi i am human but im also a believer and if possible i would like to be 16

Indeed. I would like to be your mate but I'm 13.

Excuse me, but where do you live?