A Mate

Okay, where to begin.....

Well I want a mate but before I end up saying I LOVE MY MATE! I want to get to know them first, I don't really care what sex you are as long as you be who you are. As long as you know what you are dealing with XD. Ok a few fun facts about me:
- I am called Sophie!

- My favourite colors are, purple, blue, green, black and yellow.

- I was born in France and raised in Ireland.

- I love cookies!!

- I am in a band called wait for it..... FROZEN LIGHT!

- I love to dance.

- I have no pack just yet.

- I am 15.

- A lot of people call me a emo cuz I am!!

If you want to know anything else get to know me XD
frozenlight frozenlight
13-15, F
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Hiya gorgeos!!!

Haha yes I know I am yours now :P

^_^ oh,i was just reading stories...i'm done now though.

Hey! One of my friends in my circle is your mate,I think. Forgot his name. Good luck ;) If you want me to delete this 'cause it doesn't work out with your former mate,I will. Always lots of male wolves out there,eh? I'm Goldpaw. Nice to meet ya Sophie. :)

Hey! I added you lol

Yay! :D

Hi Sophie! If you are interested u can join shadowscar's pack. But she lives in sweeden... But if you need anything just let me know!

I have a pack now.

Oh ok goodie! I haven't asked anyway so but ya if u need anything then ill help u if I can.

Oh ok goodie! I haven't asked anyway so but ya if u need anything then ill help u if I can.

That's alright. Thanks.

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I know how you feel but I ended up doing just the opposite with my mate

Oh. I'm sorry. I'm Goldpaw. Nice to meet ya. *Puts out right hand*

Hi I'm lilwolf *shakes hand* and about the commit yes and no I didn't expect to be saying I loved him so soon but at least it's true

Hi Lilwolf! :) Yep. For me it's never too soon to say I love you to someone,'cause that might be the last chance you get to say it.

That's so true and then if you don't say it you regret it the rest of you're life I would know

Yep. I hate that. So your a wolf?


^^ Are you in a pack?


Nice,nice. I am,I'm the alpha female.

Cool same here

Wow. How coincidental.

I know srry I was outside if you want you cn pm me

Nah,that's fine. I myself would prefer to be outside than on my phone. I will if it's okay with you.

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Emo eh, I already like you but i got a mate my friend wants one and he is almost like you But he is from the Uk so am i.

Cool tell him hi lol