I Would Like A Mate

I am 13 and I really would like a mate.(male) I am really sweet but hyper. I have wavy brown/black hair and dark brown eyes that can glitter gold if positioned in the light. I have anger problems so ill need someone who can calm me down. I dont care what you look like so long ad your my age and arnt a stalker. I live in north texas close to dallas. I need someone who will love me for me. My old mate wasnt that special one:,(. I also have a pack called Fire Lights. If you are interested please comment or pm me.
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hi i am a female human and i have brown short hair and bluish green eyes i am almost 12 and i am obssed with the moon also i want to become a were wolf so bad i live in australia

You must be born one. Must. There is nothing i, or anyone on here can do to help you. Be glad with what you are, being a wolf isn't all its cracked up to be.

really i cry my self to sleep every night thinking of you guys hunting in the moonlit forests playing in the ruins howling at the moon your beutiful fur and eyes it would be a gift to have that and you get to have mates and will a wolf male accept me as his mate if i am a human and will i be accepted into a pack

But not all of us can shift. We have responsibilities that are hard because of our wolves. We get hunted, and so do real wolves. And you have a mate. He'll come don't worry. And you wanna know something? He won't care that you're human. He'll think you're perfect. Just the way you are. God made you a human for a reason. Don't doubt he has a plan for you. You were meant to be this way. You wanna know a secret? Sometimes i wish i was human. But i don't doubt God has a plan for me. I was meant to be this way, and your perfect just the way you are. Some packs allow humans, and you can always help us. Believe it or not, but humans can help wolves like us out a lot.

Noooooooooo....... . you and your old mate got along so well

To stressful. He has another girlfriend now.

He didn't cheat on you did he?

No he didnt. Hes betta now.

Ok good

Why you ask?

Because it strains me to see good couples breaking up

I see.


Was up?

Not much.... drinking coffee ... how about u?

Watching a movie. But its just like the book. Boring! Lol. Off a show i watch :)

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