Looking For My Mate

My name is shewolf and im looking for a mate(male). Id like at least in the 13-15 range. My wolf is solid black with ice blue eyes. I am the alpha female of the fire lights wolf pack.
BENDrowned BENDrowned
22-25, F
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Ok. You all probably saw my other post. Im available now. But give me some time.

Hi pm me


And shes my sis so if u do her wrong ill. Rip your throut out

Thx Frozen. :)

Welcome. Shewolf




Hi i may be human but im a believer. I want to be changed into a werewolf and ill do anything in return for it, please pm me or email leandre.maraisep@gmail.com

Sorry. You have to be born one. Can't be changed. But Thx for your help in believing.

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