Forever Alone

my name is seth im looking for a mate they have to be in the range of 15-17,
im a sophomore in high school im about 6'1 with long dirty blond hair with bluish gray eyes. if you're interested PM me :)
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I can just tell, that you for sure are going to find a mate! :) you are really honest about what you want, such as a mate. Whatever you shoot for you should find. So I know you will find a good one! :)

You wont be alone forever there is someone out there for everyone

Hi i may be human but im a believer and id do anything if i could be changed into a werewolf please pm me or email

Sweetheart. You can't be turned, You're born a Therian and in order to " become" one you must awaken. There is no such thing as turning someone. I am sorry.

I have actually researched my moms side of the family (shes dead so i couldn't ask her) but she was a werewolf but i was to young when she died so she didn't have time to tell me but my sister is human from my dads side but i got my moms gene and i awoke two weeks ago, I'm still adjusting but I'm getting the use of my four paws and I'm still researching about my family cause my grandmother is human as well but my grandfather was a werewolf as well but he was killed by a hunter so its hard to get the info i need but I'm getting there, and i already have a pack so my alpha is helping me as well

Good. Trust your Alpha. A pack is what will get you through.

I know, i trust him with everything, he found me in a tough spot and helped me out of it and we have some kind of bond but im not sure what it is since im still new to this stuff and he doesnt want to tell me he says i should figure it out myself, its one thing he cant help me with, lol, so yeah but i do trust him and the pack is already like family

You're lucky to have a pack. Hold onto them, I'm glad you found your feet. May your journey be properous and your family be true. I wish you the best. Blessed Be

Thank u

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