Seeking A Mate.

Greetings members of this group. My name is Callister, I've been a lone for quite some time now and I've been searching for that companion that would complete me. I'm a very docile (laid back if you will) and respectful person as well as generous. I'm posting this in confidence that perhaps I will or will not find my mate. Now it lies in the hands of the gods now. I would also like to add that you can message me further if you wish to know more about me, thank you.
Callisterwolf Callisterwolf
18-21, M
2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

I know you did. :P

Annnd.. you found her! :D lol. I had to post that sugar.

Hey dude, I hope that you could like to talk to me. When you have time. I have been single for far too long. I'm in a real werewolf pack. Its a great werewolf pack. The alpha female is really nice. I been a real werewolf boyfriend. For a long time. But I need to know if you want to add me and message me if you want to talk. Oky kinda tell me what you like. I'll try to like it. If not I am sorry. Just let me know Oky. Bye. 😊 😩.