To sell the "Little paper boat for millionaires" for $3,000,000, and to give one million to the person, company or institution that find a buyer for my boat

First of all...

...what is "Little paper boat for millionaires"?

Little paper boat for millionaires (LPB) is the smallest hand-crafted paper boat known in the world (3,8mm x 1mm).

Ok. And you are trying to sell it for...

$3,000,000. Yes.

Is this a joke?

Of course this is NOT a joke, otherwise I would not be wasting my time writing these lines. I really want to sell my LPB because I am really convinced that there is some millionaire in the world who might be interested in it. The only thing I have to do is to find him/her.

Ok, tell us something more about the LPB

As I have written, LPB is an unique item and its price is based on its properties of originality, craftsmanship and uniqueness. The manufacturing method is completely manual, without any kind of instrument like pincers, lenses, scissors, ecc, and the folding method is the typical method for making a paper boat. The year of manufacture is 2000, and the way for preservate it is in a dry and not very warm place. The buyer should keep it in a small box in order to not to lose it.


Here the reasons:

1.LPB is an special item, addressed only to millionaires. It differs from other objects such as cars, jewelry, mansions, ecc, because all these objects can be bought for people with enough money to do so; however LPB is an unique item and only one person in the world can own it.

2.Though LPB is certainly not very useful (well, you can put it in a showcase or inside a pendant, for example), the idea is simply having something original that nobody else can have.

3.LPB is currently the smallest known in the world, and its value is based on their size, which means many things: great manual ability, lof of patience, and most important: lot of time devoted to it. This makes the LPB an unique and unrepeatable item.

4.Knowing that there is someone in some part of the world who remembers you can make you happy from time to time in sad moments. I can really ensure that if someone buys my boat, I will sure remember him / her every day of my life (not by money, because fortunately I do not lack for anything): that person will become special simply for owning something special made by myself.

5.The price is neither too high nor too low, is just what I have chosen for an item with the characteristics of the LPB. I cannot reduce its price because if I do, or if I start a mass production of little paper boats, they would cease to be special and they would become to be ordinary objects, and this material world in which we live is full of them. To buy the LPB is not a way to waste the money, but a way to invest it, sharing with someone their abilities, their time and their passion for miniatures and art.

In short, I offer you a small portion of happiness in the form of a little paper boat.

Ok, how can I contact with you?

Interested persons that want to purchase the LPB can find more info and photos here:

And can contact with me writing to:

But you have written that you are "looking for a Millionaire or Somebody who wants to become"... HOW CAN I BECOME A MILLIONAIRE???

It's easy! The only thing you have to do is helping me to find the millionaire!!! Read this:

"Aiming to accelerate as much as possible the sale of my little paper boat, and considering that it is very difficult to find a buyer, I offer 1/3 of the price of the boat, that is, $1,000,000 to the person, company, institution or organization of any kind, that find a buyer for my boat".


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