Electric Rc Planes.

So, in addition to picking up dancing again almost a year ago, I'm looking at getting into RC planes, specifically electric. I saw a great channel on YouTube that features many different models, and even a guest video of a custom model flying wing with no stablizers and no gyros. I know this may not sound like much to most of you, but I'm really getting into this stuff mentally, and am going to pick up my first plane (get a feel for it, get some pointers, figure out customization) this month. After modding becomes easy, it's time to get really into it and mount a camera, buy a set of goggles, and fly the plane in first-person view (FPV). In addition to the skills I'll pick up, a renewed passion is always a good thing, and fitting nicely with what I'm looking to do with my schooling once I'm out (or ready), it will get me to a place mentally that I've been missing for the past while; expanded thought processes. I could use a good stretch.
FluidMind FluidMind
31-35, M
Jul 12, 2010