Looking For A New Hobby

Well this past few days i found myself getting bored of my life's everyday routine. From the morning to afternoon i was at the hospital for my work, being a Medical Secretary of 2 doctors from my divided time. Then afternoon after work will have my drive back home, at least to change clothes and refresh. And finnally after a while i will go to The resto bar, being manage by me and my other 2 friends. just checking out there and seeing things if they are alright and proper. And night time when we close very late, then thats the time to go home again and do some things for myself. Everyday is such a routinary and so I am looking forward upon having a new hobby that may not eat a lot of my time but at least break some routines.
stateresacatherine stateresacatherine
1 Response Jul 29, 2010

your life is so bussy