Looking For A Mate

Hello, my name is Joshua, Joshua Tyson. I'm 16 and a half, and looking for a mate (btw, I'm a boy). I'm a blackish brownish wolf, I'm trustworthy, honest, and quite nice. Although I have had some struggles, I thought one night, and decided to leave all the bad happenings in my life, and get on with my future. If you wish to be my mate, you must consult me and not just go off saying, "I'm AnimatedWolf102's mate!
Pm me if you want to recommend someone to be my mate

AnimatedWolf102 AnimatedWolf102
13-15, M
2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

do you have a pack? i cant give you a mate, but i could give you a family

Hey wolf guy, just get out there and find someone