Desperately But Carefully Seeking A Man

Now am in my right age to tie a knot & step into another phase of life.. When life would be change , when life would become so much meaningful & worth living ,& than life would be more enjoying & colourful. But , for all that , I need a man.
A man who would be perfect match with me in every manner.
A man who would not only good looking , attractive , handsome , but most of all well-equipped with best of qualities., morally good character guy .
A man who is mentally mature & value the long term relationship( & i.e; marriage).
A man who I could experince the joy of my life.
A man who could treat me like a lady , who could give me respect & his imperishable love & care.
A man who could take stand on my views, on my opinions , on my ideas.
A man who would never be disinterested in me, when I lost my perfect body shape, my charm , my attraction....
A man who would always remember best moments of love & romance.
A man who could encourage & appreciate my work for making better home.
A man who feel empty & lonely without me.
A man who always committed , faithful , loyal & honest with me.
A man who I could feel completly comfortable & secure with in my whole life.
A man who fulfill my empty existence, my presence & my missing soul.
sanasafinaz sanasafinaz
26-30, F
8 Responses Jul 16, 2010

life and relations have ups and downs you ready for that?

Yes !!!!

Great write me lets talk. :)

NO NO i am the best one ....i wait for your message

ok im your man, send me a message,,

thnxxxxxxxx , but all i need a man with a good heart and good mind to b my husband...I hope you would agree wth ds comment.

Lets talk. I'm not perfect but I have some good qualitys.

if he runs away thn it means he was never a right match for me:)

lol its long list and u saying u skipped some point if you give this list before going marrying boy will run fast and will never stop ha ha..................

lolxxxxxx !! hey its not that long...jus to make it easy 4u to fulfill my requirements I skipped many points :)<br />
By the way, its jus a necessary things wht requires every other girl.Nothing unreasonable & unique.

lol i can't full fill your requirement its long list