I Am Looking For A Relationship, Boys (14-21)

im still looking for my match... a sweet loving guy that doesnt care about looks... i want someone to call my own. so please take the time to message me.. it might change your life and your future. in an amazing way - tay. 
skye1516sos skye1516sos
18-21, F
5 Responses Oct 17, 2011

im 17 , message me dying for a relationship

i am 18 dont care about looks, as long as u like to cuddle so mesage me.

well i'm a sweet guy who'll never cheat and give the all the immportance to my couple, but i have a trouble... i care a bit about looks.<br />
you seem to have a lot of confidence by posting this, i'm sure you'll find someone.<br />
sorry for bad English.

well i'm 14 don't give a rats *** about looks and i am a sweet guy i treat women like the world they are i've NEVER cheated and NEVER will. and i always treat women with the respect they deserve now i just hope you don't care about looks.

i hope you find that special someone.