Fingers Crossed He Is Out There

I am at that age where I am finally ready to settle down. I am who I am and I know what I need. I need my partner in crime. I want someone who I can spend my life talking with and laughing with. I know I need someone who challenges me. I need someone emotionally mature and available. A guy who doesn't play games and isn't a cheater. Someone who can be a jerk when you need him to be and supportive when you need that. Someone close to his family and loyal to his friends. He is always ready to an adventure and pushes me out of my comfort zone. He is easy going. He is articulate. He will understand that I: love to read, love movies especially horror movies, have the shows I must watch, love to talk, love musical theater, think comic con should be a national holiday, I believe in the right to have an abortion but I would never have one, I believe everyone should have the right to marry and adopt, believe in health care for everyone, believe that the right act of kindness can change the world, loves animals (the zoo is my favorite place), am blunt, am sarcastic, try to be witty and funny, that I will turn anything into a joke (its my coping mechanism), that I believe love will conquer all, that I am loyal, devoted to my family, big on Italian traditions and sing (in fact if you really want to make me melt you will duet with me), that I love to laugh, that I am terrified of being abandoned and that I think there are some socially acceptable PDAs and some that are NOT.

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26-30, F
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im 18 and u and me sound alot alike so plees type me back

I do love a loyal woman, wanna talk?

Here I am

You sound nice. There's somebody out there somewhere looking for someone like you!