Just Want A Girl

i am one of those guys i don't care about sex all i want is someone to love and to hold on a long winters night. just sitting by a fire holding each other just knowing that you are with the one i love. someone that loves me for me and loves me no matter what happens and vise versa just knowing that they are always there for you. and just sit and talk for hours and knowing that it's true love. i just want someone to care and listen, and someone to care for and listen to. someone to love no matter what. someone that knows i love them for who they are. someone that i can enjoy myself around and make laugh, always knowing they are around. someone i can trust and can get flowers for and always be romanticly spontaneous around. and can at least try to understand how i feel and of coarse i would try to understand how they felt. just someone who makes me feel warm inside.

with the way things are going it seems that i may never find that special someone. i really wish that i could though. i don't know maybe i'm just not ment for love. and if there is any women out there who feel the same please comment so that i can write back and know that im not alone.
oobergoober oobergoober
13-15, M
5 Responses Oct 23, 2012

doesn't everybody?

THAT right there just made my day to know not all teenagers are inconsiderate swag bags oh thank jeezus I hope I can find someone like you eventually

Holly........ FINALLY!!!!!! Once, I had a chance at love. Or at least, he lead me to believe that. That damn son of a --- Back to the point, I'm looking for someone, too.

Wait, I just realized that this is a little freaky. I've been praying to find someone. Now I find this story. Freaky...... But kinda awesome!

we share the same thought, i wonder why romantic guys like us are single and jerks aren't but we are young, all that we need is to be opemned with the girl we like and never give up, that feeling of lonelyness will keep with us untill we find that special girl.

you will sure find your soulmate, the fact of wanting romanticism instead of sex tells a lot and makes you a good posible boyfriend so hang in there.

sorry for bad English

oobergoober you are way too young to feel you can never find that special someone. you will and probably more than that one special one.