Only Problem In Life: No Good Women To Chose From Here

I've had the perfect relationship before. I know exactly what I want. I want to find it again. Had 2 years of living together, working together, playing together & spending every minute together w/o a fight, a mean word spoken, or a single second of drama w/ an amazing woman. Every second of it was romantic, sexual, or playful. There was only love, devotion, understanding, & kindness. It cannot truly be described in a post so I wont try beyond this. However, I have spent 4 years being single because no other woman will do since then. I would rather not get involved w/ anyone if 1) it's not going to be real & lead somewhere. 2) it's not worth my time: I'm happy alone as anyone can possibly be... single does suck but I've learned to live with it & I wont settle.

Is there anyone in the southeast (I have 4 weeks vacation/year & can travel) that thinks they are adult enough for a true relationship like this? Is 18-32, cute, no kids & has a job, car, future, education or at least is on the path to these things. Doesn't settle for "average" & wants a man who is very dynamic in 100 different aspects of life & thinks you can keep up. Sense of humor is a MUST. I play A LOT :) I am tired of the band-aid girls just to keep the bed warm & the needs met. Someone out there has got to be on my level. Everything I have & am forever is the reward & that's saying a lot because no matter what you test me on I always score in the top 1%. You wont find anything "average" about me. I know that perfect relationship is out there. If it can be done once... it can be done again.

We can start off slow, I don't care, but you know what I'm looking for so I'm not playing games. If we hit it off I'm coming for a commitment. So if you do msg me, msg me w/ that in mind.
HeckRock HeckRock
31-35, M
Nov 25, 2012