Love... Damn I Want It!

first i let these clear: i'm not looking for a relationship pm EP, don't believe that's the reason because i'm here, i'll just share these.

have you ever feel misunderstood?

have you ever feel lonely even if you are sorround by people?

have you ever feel bad for seeing others relationships?

have you ever got angry without knowing the reason?

have you had romantic dreams were you are on a date with the person you currently love?

well that now happens to me and i hate it, i just want a relationship, but a serious one, one with love not only pleasure, is that too much to ask? apparently yes.

some girls have come but they want only to see if i got exited or want me as a second boyfriend.

i just want some one who might love me the way i'll love her.

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hey you believe of all us were pervs? yeah i admidt there are lots of dudes who are a shame for other guys, like my looser friends: "dude, you got to be aggressive or you'll never had a girlfriend" HA! i prefer to be gentle and lonely.

Just blame the nitwits at my school. There's even this one girl who's letting her butt get pinched!

you're so damn right, the easy girls made some guys to turn into jerks

And yet, they call ME a ***** and a ****.

let them to enjoy their ignorance

It's just so annoying because those rumors started basically right after I said my name.


My first impression made them hate me.

hey, would you mind to continue this conversation on messages, you caught my interest

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