It feels weird but I m a high profile woman who ppl look at and think I got it all while unfortunately I am so empty inside and looking for a true partner... I feel it s difficult to find someone with similar profile and social status and don't think I can accept any less since it didn't work for me in my first marriage... Did anyone feel the same before and is it really that hard to find or it s me looking in all the wrong places for the wrong people???
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You need to find someone who connects with you physically, emotionally, and mentally. Everything else is just a bonus and will come in due time. Figure out what you want in a man with those 3 aspects of a relationship

volunteer for a charity organization. you will have fullfilling experiences, if youfind the right charity. you will also meet a lot of good people who also volunteer.

Social status means education or bank account?

You just need to stay positive through it all

hmmm, do you ever smile outwardly?