Are female suppose to initiate asking to go out and hang to get to know the guy better or is it his place to.will she seem needy If she does initiate even when talking for awhile well yrs
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Your question is several months old now, but I'll offer some advice for whatever it's worth.

It's the 21st century. If you want to invite a guy on a date, go for it. If you do it positively and with confidence, you won't look needy.

Don't just say, "You wanna go on a date?" Pick an event--maybe a movie or a concert--and invite him to accompany you to it. Make it something that you can do together, but which does not include anyone else either of you knows, so the focus doesn't get drawn off to someone else. You want his attention to be on you.

Food always works well. If you want to keep it casual, suggest that you go for coffee and conversation. If you want to be more direct, invite him to a nice, romantic restaurant and dress for the occasion. If you're doing the inviting, assume that you will be paying for the meal. If he is old-fashioned and insists on paying (for himself or for both of you), accept it graciously and thank him.

If you've been talking with this guy for years, you already have a relationship that you're trying to change now. That makes things a bit different. You might need to drop a series of hints, progressing from subtle ("You look cute with a bit of stubble") to obvious ("I'm not wearing panties under this skirt").

Good luck. Let us know how it worked out.

Oh thanks :) I've a new experience can u reply to that one PLS ? It's the same topic

So am i. Honestly it doesnt seem needed at all

Needed or needy?

Needy. I suck at spelling

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