Sick Of Being Single

I really want to be in love with someone, and have that person truly love me back. I'm sick of being single. I'm afraid that my love of cats (lets face it cats rock!) will mean I'll end up the lonley old cat lady. Eurgh!

This doesn't mean I'll settle for any Tom, **** or Harry that throws a compliment my way. Why is it that I'm expected to fall to my knees if a man pays me a compliment? I'm not an unattrative person inside or out so why am I expected to cling to any man that makes a move towards m? According to some of my friends I'm too picky. Which is rich coming from some of them. The rubbish they will put themselves through with the men in their lives just because they are scared of being on thier own is ridiculous!

I just would like a man who's smart,

and funny,

and thoughtful,

and opinionated,

and goofy,

and is interested in the world around them,

and is interested and values me,

and be more sentimental than I could ever be,

and driven,

and would feel like they died if there was no music in their life,

and has commen sense,

and has values,

and confidence,

and good manners,

and is honest,

and is attractive,

and sexy,

and sees the same in me,

and isn't perfect,

and can laugh at themselves,

and understands the value of a good hug,

and understands the value of good sex,

and understands the value of a great friend,

and won't be afriad to disagree with me, but not devalue my opinion

and will not get on my case three months down the line for being the same hard arse they met initally,

and gets that i'm a big softy underneath it all,

and will at least try to understand my obsession with The Sims

Who understands that I think sending me a bunch flowers is pointless, because the minute you take them out of the ground they start dying. How is sending me something that's dying but "pretty" supposed to be romantic? I've just never got that. Not that I don't get the sentiment, but a box of dark chocolate will get you much further

and I want him to be taller than me, and if he's not, he got to understand, it will take an act of God to separate me from my high heels.

Oh I could go on all day!

I just want to share me life with someone. Not someone who is going to "settle me down". Why do people use words like that? "Settle down", "Serious relationship". I mean seriously, could you make commitment sound any more unattractive or less fun? If I'm off flying in the land of fantasy, with crazy ideas, silly moments of delusional imposibility I want someone who wants to either fly with me, or be my anchor so I don't lose my head. Not drag me down with serious, settle down stuff. Settle down is what you say to an overactive child not about the person who want to grow old and live your life with. I can't be the only one who sees this.

In the end I do want the whole traditional lifestyle. Husband, children, a jack russel terrier call Rufus, a cat and possbile some fish of some kind. I'm not asking for it today but some sort of sign that I'm at least getting close would be great. It just seems hard to find those on my wavelength, and those that are either are already spoken for or really don't see me.

I know I need to put myself out there more but It's not like I haven't been trying. Dating can really dampen the spirits though but I've been single for too long now. I just need to keep looking

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5 Responses Oct 30, 2009

im 18, love to cuddle and love cats and hate being single

No Tom, **** or Harry, what about a Sam?
Just messing, you sound like an amazing woman any guy would be lucky to have you. Obsession with the Sims, i have all 3 with all expansion packs.
Cats are awesome, but i'll admit i prefer dogs.
and finally i'm 6ft 2-3

I didn't read all the qualifications , but I will sum up what I wanted to say in as few words as I can ; we all search for that perfect one and keep finding faults at other people to convince ourselves that this one is worthy of all the waiting and loneliness .. then someday, someone just come and makes us forget about all those things, rules and just simply wipe away all our fears, worries and uncertainties .. this one gives us true love, and once this is received, every little wish of us just come true without us noticing, and even more than them .. you may mistake someone else for that person for that one once or twice in your life, even more .. but you usually meet .. and when it happens, nothing else will matter .. I will try going back up and read all the qualifications, but I am a bit afraid since I am the helpless romantic type and I may just fall in love with you .. just kidding, I hate to feel like giving lectures .. take care and wait for that one, and never doubt his arrival, coz he never doubts you meeting him someday.

Well, I scrolled up back , couldn't resist to find how a unique person like you sees the world .. well, I am glad I am not the only adult that likes playing the sims, I been playing it since sims 1, I remember when I worked very hard to get those 2x friends so I can be the mayor .. hehe, good old memories ..
The roses idea is really great, I may even use it someday on a story or a poem , if you'll allow me, and you really seem to like chocolates, but who doesn't .. okay now I am drooling and I gotta go buy some, so take care :)

I predict you will find a man with all those qualities and more as long as you keep true to it and don't succumb to accepting less. I think what you are looking for is pretty normal and most guys should have that with in them. But even thought i believe that I know it is not true and so the search is not so easy. But I will also tell you that any guy that has those qualities is also waiting to meet a girl that values them.

Veagsquire: So I'm an "overly needy hard/impossible person" LOL! WoW okay, your entitiled to your opinion. I'm not sure I understand all the "big leauge" talk but I get the general gist of your comments. Don't get me wrong I'm not confused about relationships being a two-way street. I need to be able to fufil the wants a man has as much he can fufuil mine. I'm more than aware of that. A relationship that works is about making each other happy, and I'd love to be able to say I make my partner happy. But I'm hardly psychic, so compling a list of what a man wants is a little tricker. You're not generic creatures so there is no one size fits all on qualites the indvidual man wants. <br />
<br />
More than that this story is not a list of requirements a man must have before I get serious with him, but a list of some of the qualities I hope to find in man I end up with. All women (and men) should have a set of standards and I stand by that. However some of what I said can hardly be taken seriously and it is me partly venting some fustrations after an unsucessful date. A bit of a rant and a moan, airing out those old childhood dreams of what man I would marry, some knowingly unrealistic. Some not.<br />
<br />
Either way it was not meant to be some kind of ten commandents, so relax a little! I'm fairly confident that I won't end up "fat, annoying and in a sexless marriage" lol. Oh and I know plently of men who like cats, and it doesn't mean I don't love dogs. :P<br />
<br />
<br />
Kathy: Thanks for your comments too. Nice to know we share some of the same hopes for ourselves. Although I pretty serious about love in the real world vs the virtual. But keep looking, I'm sure we'll both find what we searching for ;)