I am a single mother of 2 battling depression and just trying my best to be the best I can be along with it.  It is extremely difficult at times because it seems that I am the only one in the world that is going through this.  I am happy that I stumbled across this site.  I thing it will help to be able to share with others that are fighting the same battle.  I wish everyone the best of life and would like to share that God is what has kept me thus far and I do know that He is ALWAYS there no matter what.  Thanks!
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Hi Sweets..first thing first, Don't feel lonely or depressed, there is nothing wrong with u. I am saying all this because we'r sailing in same boat. My personal exp says..1. first n the foremost, learn to love urself, if u will love urself ppl will automatically start loving u. 2. Self Respect ..this is Must Must Must..never compromise on this hun..3. Be Smart & as beautiful as u can be always this will attract men as for their triggers buttons are on thru their Eyes. 4. Hang out with ur family n Folks..U have life of ur own. 5. No one is worth who gives u tears..simple equation U + Me = Happiness!! Follow these ground realities and soon Man of ur dreams would be knocking ur Door!!!<br />
Good Luck !!!

Me, Too!!! Best Wishes!!!

yep God is always there. Trouble is sometimes we don't hear Him. That is the times I struggle. But He is always there, with us. God bless you, may He guide you and give you joy and happiness. May He help you work though any challenges, His promise is He will never forsake us and will always be with us.