About Me, A Few Experiences, And A Request

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My name is Master A. I am under 25, athletic, dominant yet caring.

I have been a master for the past 3 years or so. Over that time I have taken on many submissive females in the digital realm. These women have been between the ages of 18 and 40, have been of all shapes and sizes, experienced and newcomers, and had endless amounts of different quirks/likes/dislikes.

I am currently looking for another submissive but I would like to detail some of my experiences first. I have never, and have no intentions of, meeting in real life. All my experiences have been online only. However, I do require proof of obedience from my subs (pictures, audio, video). I firmly believe this takes it beyond simple role play and adds the necessary elements to make it a real an true experience.

Here are some examples from the past year:

Girl A: Beautiful, 18, college student. Short, large breasts with thick nipples. Loved to be humiliated. She was forced to record herself on video or audio telling strangers how much she craved **** and how she *********** daily.

Girl B: Overweight, 21, college student. She loved public play. She was forced to ***** and ********** in store changing rooms, walk around in public with insertions or stimulation either anally or vaginally.

Girl C: Average, 35, mother of two. She loved insertions, squirting, and training. She was trained to accept larger and longer objects in each opening.

Girl D: 26, large round ***, office worker. She was a class A **** addicted to **** and ***** but yearned to do as told. She was forced to perform on friends and strangers (when possible).

These were some of my favorite experiences from last year and I am looking for more.

Here is what I am looking for:
- Female aged 18-40
- High sex drive
- Ability to provide proof of obedience: (camera, webcam, smartphone)
- Willingness to learn
- Prefer slim to average build
- Strong desire to be told what to do
- You may remain anonymous (it is up to you)

If you are interested please message me with the following:
- Age
- Body description
- Previous experiences
- Likes/dislikes/Limits
- Any other comments

I look forward to hearing from you
-Master A
flatster flatster
22-25, M
May 9, 2012