Friend?? Naah!! Very difficult to find them. Acquaintances ?? yes certainly..

Friends - Someone with whom you share everything, Get angry on, enjoy fooling around with & many other things.. But they are also someone who can hurt you badly with their opinions & judgements. You get hurt coz you care for what they say and it matters to you. But somewhere down the line you start competing with them, start comparing your life with theirs, you see them happy from the outset and feel they are really doing good and eventually the closeness ends, competition begins. This is very human..

Acquaintances - You share most things with them too but when they give their opinions, it anyways don't matter to you. You are comparatively less hurt ( comparatively less coz it's human to get hurt or feel bad when people don't agree with you ). You always compete with them but they don't mind the competition and hence the competition remains (mostly) healthy. You don't expect much things from them so you have less chances if feeling bad or getting hurt & the best thing is the moment you lose touch with one acquaintance, there is always someone waiting round the corner to get acquainted with you..

so maybe I won't say am looking for a friend, but an acquaintance would be more appropriate..
uselessguy uselessguy
36-40, M
Aug 18, 2014