What Should I Do?

I got divorced after three years of marriage.My husband had been suffering from a psychological disorder.I had filed for divorce when physical abuse was too much to bear.I have a son with him.He cannot financially support us and hence I'm working.After three yrs of separation and living a life of loneliness.I found my college mate in Facebook and we got very close with each other and we fell in love.He is unmarried and our relationship is one yr old.Recently we had an argument and he said that he cant accept my son.He wants to get married to me only.He cannot claim responsibility for my son since he is not the father.He said some pretty rude things like why should he be responsible for someone else's kid.He also fears that his parents will not acknowledge my marriage with him and will never speak to him after this.He is like...he is willing to lose his parents for me and that I should be willing to lose my kid for him.He wants to place my kid in a boarding school so that my 3 yr old doesn't interfere with "our" personal life.I was totally disturbed and told him that I will not leave my poor child under anyone's custody and tat he needs me more than I need you.I stopped speaking to him.He calls me up after a few days apologizing for his rude behavior.Should I convince him regarding this or should i just tell him its over.I really love him a lot and I don't want to leave him..but after knowing whats in his mind..I'm terribly confused if I should be convincing him..I thought he'll love me and my son unconditionally...Or am I expecting too much from this guy??Please help
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