Finding It Scary That I Just Met Someone And Already Know I Have Feelings

This weekend I went to visit some friends for their birthday's and this is where I met this guy. He happened to be their roommate's younger brother. I know he noticed me during the day and was eager for the night to start. My friends and her roommates were having a huge party and immediately this guy (E) sat by me and we started talking. Instantly we had so many things in common and I noticed him watching me all night and we formed a team and played beer pong together and lost.

Later in the night we ended up both sleeping alone in their "man cave" downstairs. I have been with enough guys before to know when something may or may not happen and what is just a hook up. But honestly we started talking and ended up hanging out and having a laugh for a couple hours. This was the first time I have ever felt no pressure or expectations and things just happened naturally. Eventually we did kiss but we were both nervous and it was cute. Kissing led to more but I have never felt that way before during and after. I mean this in a "close" and "happy" way. I remember after doing the deed my ex's would always feel tired and things would feel tense and awkward and he would sleep. But this guy just kept wanting to talk while holding me and just wanted to know more and more about myself. We eventually went to sleep and when we could hear everyone awake and hanging out upstairs we just cuddled and talked even more. We talked about visiting each other at our different schools and all that kind of stuff. There are more intimate details that occurred but it's too hard to explain, it's just something you know.

Anyway we obviously are back in our different homes but we still continue to talk and he already added me on fb and asked for my cell number. I just want to know am I crazy for already feeling this way? I am a really picky person in the sense I won't settle and I know the feeling I am looking for in a guy. I have future plans that I would never change unless some obstacle came in the way. I have only ever felt this way twice in my life so it honestly scares me. I just hope we do end up hanging out and that I don't get my hopes up anymore. The last guy I fell for who I dated for several months ended up really hurting me.

Just want to know some of your thoughts.
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

do you beleive in love at first site? he sounds awsome:) the best guys are the ones who come out of the randome not someone we are looking for! i hope it works out well for you two and that NOBODY gets hurt!!