I Am Looking For Employment Because I Am 25 Years Old

I am 25, and I only worked 1 entire job in my lifetime. I was a part-time package handler for UPS. Now the job was stupid and it caused me great depression. I have thought about taking my life because of that job. All my fat *** father would do is eat. So that what I ******* waste my earnings. FOOD! I didn't even realize that I was getting way out of element. Eating that food. I growed to 325 pounds. It was so disgusting. My fat *** father would bring home food, and made me go out and eat. Now he still is 300 something pounds, and I'm down to 231. I'm still going to get down to 140-179. But I need some money to go buy some new clothes. So I am now dealing with this UTI, so once again that is stopping me. I went to summer school and took 2 classes for 8 weeks. I'm pretty sure I passed that. So my parents AC is out, so since they are out of town, and I still live at home, I have to make sure the man looks at the AC, and try to repair it.

So job-wise. I don't like doing a lot of applying online, because they take 1 hour to completely fill out, just a bunch of jumbo-mumbo questions. It can gets so tiring, especially when I want to accomplish other things. I may have to take 17 college credit hours this upcoming fall semester. My classes start on August 23rd. I doubt I will be employed by then, so I probably going to continue going to college. But I do have needs because I want to have smaller clothes, and a smaller belt. But I won't get paid by the state until September 3rd. So I am like walking on needles, as they say.
chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
Aug 11, 2010