I Enjoy Sharing My Life In Diapers And Photos With Diaper & Sissy Friends.

i grew up learning to appreciate always being diapered and dressed as a little girl. by the time i realized the truth behind my mom's decision to raise me that way. puberty had already made it's explosive debut all over my mom's hand and arm during a diaper change. so, blinded by lust and constant encouragement from my mom. i easily found myself becomming permanently uninhibited about being seen diapered and dressed in public. in fact, the older i got, the more my "lust" made me more immune to public scrutiny.

so, when i was almost 19 and my mom passed away. i had no desire or interest in being anything else. so, i finally learned how to change my own diapers, and went on to explore the rest of my life as a diapered (t)gurl.

if you're into wearing diapers, crossdressing, being diapered or treated as a baby etc. email me direct and tell me how it all first started for you, as well as what you enjoy wearing and doing now. feel free to ask me anykinds of questions too. as you can see from my profile and pictures here. i'm not ashamed, nor inhibited about what i am, and like to wear or do.

i enjoy corresponding and sharing personal experiences, with friend who are into similar things.

God Bless and keep you safe.

AlanisAlicetoo AlanisAlicetoo
56-60, T
Jul 27, 2010