Trying To Femminize

Hey there; I'm a crossdresser who's recently come out to her family.

i was wondering, does anyone know where to get cheap growth hormones? and is there any way to take them while in the army?

opaljade opaljade
1 Response Feb 27, 2010

uhm as for the hormone part getting them on the black market should help(dont know where in particular srry) as for in the army.... no.... it want come up on a drug test. the only way to find out is by searching for the actual hormone amount... which they are not going to do. it is the fact that it will cause your weight to distrubute( small breast will develop hips will round and waist will shrink) if someone else notices the change bad things may come( not sure what exactly) well hope I helped at least a little.<br />
sincerely,<br />