Native Americans, Please Help!

am looking for people who have good spiritual knowledge in medicine pouches and their meanings. Members of all different tribes there are are asked to help me! Need to know what all kind of stuff is to put in and how to handle this. I want to give them for present after doing the tarot-cards. When people come to me and want my help for their different problems, they should take a medicine pouch for luck and protection. Because everybody comes with a very own story this pouches should work either for love things, friendhips or health and harmony and so on. In April/May 2009 Les and me will start our travelling tour by caravan for several events and western-shows in Germany and neighbour-countries. I would be very pleased if you decided to support me with your knowledge. If I am not allowed to make them - maybe there is too less indian blood in me - please let me know whether it is possible somebody would do them for me. I will pay all costs, postage included of course. I know I have to learn a lot and I am willing to. I believe in indian spirit and will all people who pass my way remind to it, so that this culture may live on and on! Thanks so much!

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Hi, dear rockybear397,<br />
you helped me a lot with your information and I' m so pleased that you are interested in what I'm doing and where I want to go to with this. My opinion is, if somebody is blessed with a certain gift one should share it with all who need advice and help! I think you are the same and I'd keep you close to me! Don't be afraid, I won't cling on you although it might sound like this !! Smile! Thank you, thank you!

Dear rosedrakon,<br />
thanks so much for your efforts, was very pleased and didn't expect for real somebody would support me. Will have a look at these links, just have to feed my family and friends. Hope to hear soon from you, would be nice to get in touch again.<br />
Here near munich it is 6 h p.m. thanks a lot!

wow I don't know either but I would love to help<br />
<br />
If I find out anything<br />
<br />
I do know that sage used as an inscent will lead to <br />
<br />
cleansing of the spirit and the soul<br />
<br />
I know it purifies <br />
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hope that helps you