How Eckhart Tolle Has Helped Me

In 2009 I discovered the wisdom of Eckhart Tolle. I began filling my senses up with his teachings in his books, "Practicing the Power of Now", "A New Earth", and "Stillness Speaks". He is also on YouTube. This slight man is a fountain of inner peace.

2 years later, I'm in the process of re-reading these books. His teachings on things like "the pain body", "the ego" and "being in the now" are incredibly well written and explained. My eyes have been opening ever so slightly and each time they open some more I feel so amazing. I'm letting go of emotional baggage, other people's negative energy, and surrendering to what is.

There are many other spiritual teachers that speak to me, but finding the right one for you is an important step in obtaining peace. There's the Tao Te Ching to consider; Dr. Wayne Dyer; Don Miguel Ruiz; The Lojong Slogans; and Pema Chondron to name a few.

You don't have to belong to a religion to feel this inner peace. The key is to find what speaks to your soul and to wrap that with your core values and begin practicing.

You must nourish your body too. So, get a check-up with a Dr. specializing in alternative medicine and find what supplements are good for you. Combine that with a healthy diet (take a class at a local tech college to learn about proper nutrition and portions), some exercice and a bit of nature (hiking, walking, swimming, biking, group aerobics, tai chi, yoga, etc) and add some friends and family that are positive and uplifting and you've got yourself the ultimate recipe.

And never let someone impose their will on you. You can still be loving and kind and not take someones crap. Practice, practice, practice and even when you're feeling down, it's your soul cultivating and your ego dissipating.

Love and Light, Jenny
JennyKroh JennyKroh
26-30, F
Dec 1, 2011