"The Anatomy of Peace'

I began reading 'The Anatomy of Peace'.  My therapist suggested I begin to read this.  I am looking for a way to communicate, love and learn with a heart of peace and not war.

This book is very enlightening.  It discusses in the beginning the invasion of Jerusalem, and a ruler they call Saladin, and how he ruled, but with a heart of peace.  He did not massacre people, desecrate people or places.  He treated each and every person with compassion and kindness.


This is what I am looking for within my soul.  I wish to treat all as I would treat myself and the ones that I love.  

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I too am going through a seperation and I am just really in a place of soul searching. I just want to feel calm and really just feel an inner sense of calm. I must say I have experienced this calm and its something to be cherished.

ive had this book listed as my favorite on my profile :) its awsome. it breaks things down so you can see step by step in each situation you face how to obtain a heart of peace. `it takes practice, work. but isnt that the essence of life and progression? a great book

I have to say yes - somewhat. <br />
It has helped me to understand that this is something you have to work for, and something that you can use in all of your day to day life.

I was wondering if the book has helped you find inner peace?


Good luck on you're journey!It is a great one.