Is Inner Peace...?

Is it that inner peace can be found simply by accepting one's circumstances?  As simple as letting go of hopes and dreams?  Just living the way you are because it's all you are?  What IS inner peace exactly? 

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ecbarre, you have no reason to feel guilty about your situation. What others think/assume/believe shouldn't matter at all. If these people truly had your best interest in mind, then they would understand. Do the best you can and accept that. Do not look to others for validation or acceptance. I know it can seem natural to want to be accepted by others, but honestly they aren't sincerely interested in your welfare to begin with. If you can avoid these people, please do because you don't need that negative aspect on top of everything else you have to deal with. Other people are quick to judge and it is not because they have your well being in mind. Its sadly is more about by putting others down they some how make themselves feel superior or better when in reality they live in glass houses and should pay more attention to when they look in the mirror. <br />
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I met a young woman who may have a condition similar to yours along with Asthma who is attending college. I am more inspired by persons such as yourself than anything, because despite the extra challenges you now face you can continue to push forward. <br />
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I would continue to gather all the info about your condition as possible and the various treatments and become your own expert on it. <br />
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Please don't allow others to get you down. This can all make you stronger and a better person. Perhaps there are some kind of support groups online where you can share with others who are having a similar problem. <br />
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Take care and best wishes! Mel

Weirdly enough the day I accepted that I always made the best decisions I could have made in the past, and stopped reliving "errors" and changing the outcome of past actions in my imagination, I felt a calm with myself I never had before, I could forgive myself. Do the best you can, accept your own flaws and the flaws of others and look forward and not backward into the past. Giving up your dreams probably won't bring you peace, as I think a person with no dreams is dying instead of living.... These are my opinions only, but I am more at peace with myself than ever in my life, and I certainly was at the bottom only a few short months ago. Change your mind about yourself and your life will change too.

I agree, yet I find it very hard to accept the position I am in currently. I am currently on disability for a condition that hardly anyone can see-I suspect many people have turned their noses up at me when I wasn't looking because they feel I am "bleeding" the system. This causes me a great deal of guilt and I hate it. <br />
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I want to work, I truly do. But with my condition and its' invisibility, that is very hard to do. I want to love myself and have peace with myself... but with so much guilt over this thing I can not control... I feel I am lost.

This reminds me of the Serenity Prayer: <br />
<br />
God, grant me the serenity<br />
To accept the things I cannot change;<br />
The courage to change the things that I can;<br />
And the wisdom to know the difference.<br />
-------------------------<br />
We can have hopes and dreams and do our best to work towards them. There are some/many things which we do not have control over and it will only lead to frustration and agitation to try to control the uncontrollable. <br />
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My life has been far from perfect. I try to maintain a positive outlook always looking for good in even the worst situation. I work to improve myself and be a better person. I work to help others. I try to forgive myself and others. We need to accept ourselves as we are now and move forward from there improving/changing as we see is necessary or desired. <br />
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Best wishes!