On E P For 1 Year And 5 Months Still Like To Find My Kind's Instead Of Forelorn Here

I have been on here {EP} now for 1 Year and 5 Months. And Still I have found this place that I would had supposed it is a World Wide Web Site that I can't believe approximately 1,000,000 {One Million} are not surfacing on here and noticing my Unique Personality for what I like to find as my kind.

Like as: Those Who Like Solid Cloudy Gray Days, Those Who Like Science, Architecture, New Age Spacey Jazz Ambient Music and so much more.

I do have this One Interest In something at Very Bulk as a very Popular Mainstream Common Interest One (Almost In One Thing at Least), but from this Point on, the more details in it, then this too creates complete Antithesis ... Opposite Interest in Opposition to things. Like I don't care for big breast in women, but small and flat breasted is my preferences and much more ...

This One Popular Interest with all the other men is such competitive that it is worse than a Black Friday. I see the sexiest woman I like to be in my life and 1,000,000 million other men are taking the lead on them.
I can't or stand a chance with these kind of women. But when it comes into more detail. I haven't been able to find where they are at on it. So my Previous story is hoping to get into this. Since it is sensitive in nature, I have put it in Adult Context. But that isn't like the other stuff on this site or else I wouldn't be trying to say that I am looking for my kind of Kindred Spirit's of such a kind. This Story isn't to be a Stereotypical and conventional type as to being a scary situation of mine.

And if nothing materializes much in the right direction, I will be looking in some other Groups and Stories to gradually represent my secrets. (I hope).

So mean while I am very frustrated that I am my own kind as a loner in this world. And there isn't really anyone else into my Genre of things and it is almost amazes me. And it Really baffles me. I'm just my own? An Alien from Outer Space?
ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Jun 2, 2011