Not Really Looking, But Longing For Kindred Spirits

Where to begin... When I was young, I met a kindred spirit or soulmate, which ever you prefer, and felt as long as he was alive, near or far, I was going to be okay. He passed away early at 21 and left a longing in me as part of my heart is with him (I still feel him with me at times which is comforting). It was a caring beyond myself that I have only experience with my children/family in a similar way since then. So I think it is a rare gift to find in life. I really don't look for kindreds because I don't think they are found as much as paths cross when they are supposed I long for them instead. I miss the kind of connecton that enables you to be you all the time with no judgment, strifes, or worries...but total truth, acceptance and love in its truer form. And once you have found and lost, you SEE people differently and more clearly, not in a bad way or anything, but in a deeper truth and I think it makes you feel like you have to settle for less connection in relatonships in order to have them in some ways. Not sure if I can explain that better in words but I had to try :)
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1 Response May 20, 2012

I know just what you mean. It's sad that so few get to feel what it's like to truly have that kind of connection with someone. I'm sorry for your loss, but I'm glad you still take meaning from your kindred spirit. (: