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It's hard to find people who really do "get me". I find they are few and far between. 

It's not that I think I'm such a difficult person to know ... at least not that I'm aware of ... but I suppose I am someone who is made up of many layers.  I tend to have friends who know me through one of these layers and are most likely oblivious of the existence of any of the others. 

Sometimes, I find my self talking to someone and as I do so, I become aware of my own voice.  This makes me feel uneasy.  It's as if I start to listen to myself and I become self-conscious and maybe feel that I'm talking too much.  I think this is because I've been in a situation for such a long time now where I don't really have people around me that I can really talk to, or who are really interested in listening.  When I do get the chance to talk it feels really strange.  Added to which, when someone really does listen ... and actually responds and seems to understand what I'm talking about ... it feels so odd ... it's become such a rarity!  I think this is because I live inside my own head so much and the opportunity for an outlet is not something I have very often.

This makes me sound like some sort of isolated hermit!  I'm really not at all, but it's just that I don't have that many like-minded people around me!

I have recently met someone who I think is going to help me to find a way through the current maze of pathways in front of me.  We've arranged to spend some time this week bouncing ideas and seeing what we can come up with as a result.  I'm a great believer in people coming into your life for a reason, and she is one of them. 

We'll see. 
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“I believe that you meet people who are vital to your transformation only when the conditions are right, when the tenacious concerns of the unconscious break into awareness. Then such kindred spirits are drawn to each other like iron shavings to a magnet.” ~ Terri Jentz

I to can relate to this so well. As Shrek said, " I'm like an Onion, i have many layers" There are a few who can open my shell. I know exactly what you mean. I am a great believer in fate, things happen and people enter our lives for a reason. Best wishes WIB.

Thanks Charlie.

I can relate to this on so many levels, minus the finding a friend that really gets you. I've met a few on here that seem to get me, but in my regular life, nobody seems to see who I really am.

thanks for commenting at. I do think this new person gets me, but I'll be exploring that in the next few days, it will be interesting to see. It is hard to find people, but I'm not convinced that it's necessary to have someone who sees us as a whole ... perhaps the best it gets is to have people who see parts of us ... and it's left just to us individually to know who we really are. :)

That's a really good way to put it :).

I understand what you mean and feel pretty much the same re the layers and different people in our lives who maybe just see one side of us.

I dont have many people who I feel 'get me' but I have a couple (one for certain) and that's enough for me :)

Yes, I agree tas ... one or two is enough indeed!

I'm really glad to read this news. Been very hard to offer much but encouragement these past months - you deserve someone near enough to get some 'inflection' in these conversations ... an occasional human touch.

And if she does become that someone ... well ... lucky her. I think most of us would agree bout that, wibby. The finest roses blossom again and again and again.

She is someone I've met who I respect professionally and being an older person has a wealth of experience to offer ... I'm hopeful that talking with her will be productive ... thanks for the encouragement hon.

This is a good story. I relate to your talking to someone, and suddenly being aware of your own voice thing. I've been there myself, mostly when I went to university, which was a long time ago. I've come to realize that it takes an awful long time for someone to really get to know me on anything more than a superficial level. That isn't a flaw, it's just the way it is. All good things take time, and in our break-neck world that's the one thing we all lack the most. I wish you luck with bouncing ideas around with your new associate.

I'm so glad to learn it's not just me!! lol ... yes, I don't really think of it as a flaw either ... but it's just so refreshing to meet someone who gets me. ((Hugs))

Oh, I'm blushing a little. Thanks for the hug. As soon as I read this I wanted to let you know I'd been through my own experiences like this too. I know what it's like to feel like you're the only one. Have a great day. {{hugs back}}

Excellent news Bliss!! Kindred buddies are the very best. I think a lot of folks have the "layer" thing going on to some extent. I know a lot of folks who only know and relate to just one side of me.... I also get how that can feel sort of odd too..... I have a bunch of real time buddies who have no clue what has gone on in my family with my sister.... It's like we only put out the happy, acceptable side and keep the sad or upsetting stuff hidden...

I once had a houseparty (some years ago) when I invited people from several different areas of my life that each knew me in very different ways. It was quite a peculiar experience to be honest ... and not sure that they all quite knew what to make of each other really!

I bet it was sort of fun for you to stand back and watch tho.... :D Sounds to me like something you would watch and really appreciate!!

Sounds pretty exciting, Blissy... relax, enjoy, and just be. Then let us know how it went.

I, too find it difficult in rl, now that we are adults, to meet such people. And when you do, there are knots in the way... so you don't really get to spend as much time as you want to. But when you do find the time, it's as if there was no gap in between and you can easily pick up where you were both left it off the last time.

Still... more often than not, faerie talks to faerieself on deeper stuff. To have fun and cajole and josh is easy... but we can't always be this shallow everyday.

It does get very tiresome not being able to relate on a deeper level to people. As you say, constant superficiality is a burden in itself. But it's probably another example of getting what you need at the right time ... these people do come into your life at the most auspicious moments.