Trying to Feel Something Other Than a Erection!

"I find myself wondering: When will I find my true love? Frankly, I don't  give a shyt now". I find the all the love in the world only last as long as the seminal fluids are wet... Everyone that has been given a chance has given me the shaft(and Im a straight, hetero dude). But I digress, Ive found solace between the thighs of any woman I can seduce. I think about sex as much as most folks breathe, but I hate the way I am towards women when Ive been "wronged" I go weeks, often months on these sexual benders. Mostly, Im looking for a temporary fix to a permanent problem. Maybe Im fcuked in the head, maybe I've lost my heart...Hopefully I just find what I need.

GhostRyder00 GhostRyder00
31-35, M
Aug 19, 2008