But aren't we all?  In the world of throw away marriages and quickie divorces I want forever.  I don't take love for granted anymore. I want to have forever love.

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Awww that is so sweet.


Thanks tLP

Exactly and you just gave me something else to think about. My forever may not be equal to another person's forever. Thanks Moxie!

I wish you all some forever love. My first forever love was 13 years, next one 11 years, next one 10 years - these forever loves keep getting shorter and shorter time periods. I guess we all just need a few laughs and fun. And yet, there are people who have a forever love for 50 years or so. What gives here?

I hope you do though sweetie.

I think everyone is looking for this, and I really think you are right. I don't have a forever love, and I don't think I will find it ....

told you that you call everyone adorable...

Aww thanks Rogue! You are simply adorable sweetie.

I guess you are right about that.

As far as what i am told is i can't force myself to feel emotion making it impossible for my therapist to help me, so i dunno what ever happens happens not as if i cared cause if i did then i would be feeling some kind of emotion again!

I hope that someone can help you with that sweetie.

It is like i said a problem beyond my current control as far as i know anyway.

I don't know what to say to that Ar.

You don't seem to understand. I currently can't feel any emotions. I have no idea what or who i care for.

You will find someone special.

Well if it makes you feel better i haven't found it either but my problems are beyond my control for the moment.

I know sweetie and that is okay. i just think you are quite adorable.

well i don't know your type so i dunno.

i am the same person in real life that I am here. I just think i choose the wrong guys too often.

I dunno that is kind of odd. From what i know about myself and other guys once they have matured anyway your personality is hard to pass up, but i don't know you IRL so hard to say.

Ohhhh! I thought you meant you found me someone. Then nope! I thought I did but he walked away.

yeah i was asking a question didnt notice i used a period.

Have I?

you still havent found the right person.

thansk sweetie.

Well fungirl I hope you find it soon!!


totally agree with you. I'm sick and tired of broken hearts!

Naw they all wasn't asleep yet...

Why get dressed? leave the lights off and trot to the kitchen quickly. Chances are everyone is asleep.

It is for in the night. I drink a lot of stuff all the time so i am always thristy, but i don't feel like getting dressed and getting some so i may have to just sleep till i do.

LOL, oh I thought the water was for in the night.

lol that is down by my feet though... i am sleeping at the opposite side of my bed tonight! aw i think ima just have to either get up or fall alseep.

Ok, close your eyes and I will go get you some water. I will put it on the table next to the bed.

I have a huge water bottle but i drank it all... wont look at what? i sleep on my stomach so it isn't like anything is showing.

LOL, would you like me to bring you a glass? I won't look I promise.

I just wish i had more water right now... i may have to get up...

Once you get to know it so well of course it feels comfortable.

Well i guess if my bed was a man i would be gay for sleeping on it. You win this round for now! but just know my bed is really comfortable!

LOL Mybed is a lucky woman.

my bed is my forever love. It will always last.